Go beyond Medication Therapy Management.

Hello, welcome to Consana. At Consana we combine robust technology solutions with comprehensive medication management performed by clinical pharmacists to keep patients as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, no matter the setting.

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Is Consana for me?

Whether you are a single provider, a large health plan, an ACO, a PEO, or a provider practice, Consana can add value to your patient interactions through our clinical pharmacy services.

Payers, including CMS, view MTM as a service that can potentially help improve patient outcomes through pharmacists’ interventions that improve patient adherence, resolve drug therapy problems, and communicate/integrate with other providers. But Consana’s pharmaceutical services don’t stop at traditional MTM (medication therapy management), we offer a variety of services to improve your population’s health outcomes and add to your current offerings.

Our Solutions

Strengthening provider connections.

Consana can help you provide comprehensive medication management (CMM), transitional care management (TCM), chronic care management (CCM), medication reconciliation, and so much more. These services can improve patient’s health, increase satisfaction with their care and strengthen their connection to their provider.

These services also take time and resources that your current practice may not have available. This is where Consana can help, by providing clinical pharmacy services as an extension and enhancement of your current services.

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine and care.

The Consana clinical team has also seen the value of utilizing pharmacogenomics testing to provide “precision medicine” to the patients who need it most. For patients who are hard to treat, have had many treatment failures, or seem to have unpredictable responses to medications, pharmacogenomic testing can be a tool to help you prescribe with confidence.

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