Reach the health goals that matter most to you.

At Consana we work WITH you to achieve your personal health goals. Our clinical pharmacists can evaluate your current medical conditions and therapies, gather information from you to determine what solutions work best for you as an individual, and consult with your other health care providers to keep you as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, no matter the setting.

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Why should I get clinical pharmacy services from a Consana pharmacist?

If you use medication to manage a chronic health condition or maintain your health, you are not alone. Approximately 200 million American adults (82%) are taking at least one medication, and one in three are taking 5 or more medications.

Men and women age 65 and older are the biggest consumers of medication and so also often fall victim to adverse drug events, which end up costing huge amounts in unnecessary medical care and may even lead to irreversible harm.

At Consana, we believe in a person-centered, evidence-based approach to medication use that will vastly improve patient health and reduce healthcare costs. If you want more information about the medications you are taking, your health conditions, or what steps you can take to improve your health, Consana can help.


How does it work?

A Consana clinical pharmacist will go through each of the medications you are taking to ensure that they are appropriate, effective, and safe for you. They will also ask you about any difficulties you might have with medications, such as complicated regimens or high cost to see what solutions might work for you.

The pharmacist will communicate concerns they came across with you to your health care providers and help you arrange for follow-up or make changes to your care plan with them. They will also provide you with a full medication list which includes not only medication names, dosages and directions, but information like what the medication is for, which doctor prescribes it, and how to avoid possible side effects. The pharmacist will also provide you with a personalized “action plan” of the changes they discussed with you. These are steps you and your caregivers can take to be proactive in managing your health.

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