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Consana improves the health of our patients and the efficiency of the healthcare system through a person-centric model of pharmaceutical care that encourages communication and collaboration with all stakeholders within the continuum of care. All stakeholders benefit when only safe, appropriate and effective medications are used as intended for the patient’s medical conditions.

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The Consana difference.

When you talk to a Consana clinical pharmacist for a Comprehensive Medication Review or consultation, you will notice they ask you about a lot more than just your medications. This is because there are many important aspects of your health besides your diagnosis and drug treatment; like your personal health goals, your lifestyle, and your family/home conditions, and personal preferences.

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Solutions that fit you.

Your Consana pharmacist isn’t trying to fit your unique health profile into a cookie-cutter solution. They want to work WITH you to come up with the best plan for YOU. Our patients have said that besides the personal attention, chance to ask questions, and valuable education on their health conditions, they most appreciated the opportunity to take ownership of their own health by setting personal goals. If you want to take charge and live a longer, healthier life; make an appointment with a Consana clinical pharmacist today.

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MTM vendors typically price their services at the lowest cost possible which leads to bare-minimum low-quality service. Knowing this, we made pricing easier and more effective for our health plan partners. Just complete the form below and we'll calculate your estimated program costs in real-time.

A long time ago in a office not too far away…

Episode 1 - A New Hope

It is a period of low star ratings. , concerned that is not achieving a % CMR completion rate for their health plan members, has received a per member per month estimate emailed to from Consana, custodian of the plans that can save their members and restore the star rating of , bringing peace and well-being to their members…

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