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Get on track for healthier patients 

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Improve Outcomes with Real-Time Insight

The comprehensive care management platform facilitates real-time and secure sharing of patient behavioral and health data across all care team members, enabling proactive support and interventions in every care setting.

Help Patients
Get Healthy and
Stay Healthy Longer
with Comprehensive Care Management

Consana combines robust care management with specialized medication therapy performed by ASCP-certified Consultant Pharmacists to keep patients as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, no matter where they are.

Designed for community-based service providers, Consana enables you to:

Reduce Costs with Optimized Patient Medication Regimens 

Certified Consultant Pharmacists leverage real-time insight and information from the entire care team to prevent harmful medication interactions, recommend eliminating unnecessary prescriptions and optimize medication use for each patient. Ongoing education and access to TeleHealth services for the patient and their direct care providers has proven to minimize hospitalizations and improve each patient’s total health.

Streamline Communication Across Providers

Our solution unifies care coordination and uses resources more efficiently to maximize the effectiveness of care that patients receive across care providers.

“Implementing medication therapy services for high-risk patients with complex drug profiles can reduce overall health expenditures by 31%”

- Minnesota Medicaid study