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At Consana we combine robust technology solutions with comprehensive medication management performed by clinical pharmacists to keep patients as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, no matter the setting.

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Traditional MTM has problems.
We solved them.

Decades of combined pharmacy experience has taught us that while traditional MTM was a great concept, it just isn’t what we thought it could be.  The typical dispensing pharmacy must focus most of their attention on volume to stay competitive.  For the pharmacist, this means wearing many hats throughout the day – filling prescriptions, counseling patients, inventory, compliance, logistics, insurance, immunizations, staffing, and so much more.  To make things worse, disparate systems between healthcare providers mean lots of manual double work to build out the full patient picture. We set out to change that.

We asked a simple question – where does traditional MTM breakdown?  Gaps in patient data, poor patient buy-in, lack of prescriber engagement, overwhelmed pharmacy staff, no recommendation follow-through... sound familiar?

Compounding this is the standard one-size-fits-all approach used by most MTM vendors who rely on a revolving door of scripted call center staffers to perform MTMs – patients miss out on the true one-on-one pharmacist care experience, while outcomes and star ratings suffer.

Local Care

We are everywhere you are!

Our network of clinical pharmacy experts stretches across the country, providing quality clinical pharmacy services to patients wherever they are. Our technicians and technology manage the details so our pharmacists can focus on improving patient outcomes.

Team Based Care

A true partner listens, and responds.

Team based care – it's not just a buzzword for us, but something we take to heart.

  • Are you a healthplan looking to boost performance measures or star ratings?
  • Are you a physician looking to decrease staff burden while expanding services and increasing revenue?
  • Are you a pharmacy seeking to decrease DIR fees and help patients stay well by completing more MTMs?
  • Are you a patient struggling with your medications?
  • Are you an employer, ACO, HCBS provider or other organization?

Team Consana has you covered! Our clinical model is flexible and scalable to meet the needs of one or many.

Where’s The Proof?

Prove it!

No fine print, just quality. We are so proud of our numbers that we display them for everyone to see.

96% CMR Completion Rate
8+ Drug Therapy Problems Resolved
96% Positive Response Rate
>90% Patient Satisfaction

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MTM vendors typically price their services at the lowest cost possible which leads to bare-minimum low-quality service. Knowing this, we made pricing easier and more effective for our health plan partners. Just complete the form below and we'll calculate your estimated program costs in real-time.

A long time ago in a office not too far away…

Episode 1 - A New Hope

It is a period of low star ratings. , concerned that is not achieving a % CMR completion rate for their health plan members, has received a per member per month estimate emailed to from Consana, custodian of the plans that can save their members and restore the star rating of , bringing peace and well-being to their members…

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